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How to Make an Event Successful

Friday, August 24, 2018

An event is an occasion that happens for a specific purpose where it gathers an audience of the same interest in a given specific time, at a specific place.

Organising an event could be complicated. From developing a concept, analyzing the concept of designing the event. In order to make the event success, it has much consideration to think about while planning an event.

What we call a successful event

There are many types of event, large and small. So, how do we measure or look at the event as a successful event? The success of an event is based on how many audiences you will get to attend the event and based on their satisfaction with the services that you serve. A successful event is also where the audience is to be fully entertained and deeply or truly experience and feel impressed in the process of enjoying during the event.

However, nothing is perfect, even though the event is good enough but there will always be unsatisfactory situations. So, what we can do is to minimize the possible problem that would happen to avoid the negative impact on the event.

The importance of audience

Getting the audience to attend your event is the key to access to be a successful event. As Shone and Parry (2004) say, “A room decorated for a party may look nice, but will not come to life until it is full of guests.” Well, the ambiance is created by the organizer but to succeed the event is to get the audience to create the atmosphere.

Crowd at a concert.

Make things efficient

Generally, the organizer of the event would provide the basic information (e.g. place, date, and time) about the event and audience need to figure it out themselves for more information. The key thing is, they want to know as much information as possible in the way to decide whether they want to join or not.

The possible questions they would consider about are the convenience of transportation, the food that provides, how to get the ticket, what they can expect to see or do during the event and so forth. Somehow, the process of finding or searching for the information could be exhausted and this is where you will lose your audience. That’s why delivering clear and enough information to the audience is very important.

Event chatbot to the rescue

Let’s imagine that there’s a virtual assistant that can help you answer every possible question raised by your attendees. Like the Apple’s Siri or Google assistant, there would always be an answer to the question people ask.

So this virtual assistant is almost similar with those and it is available anywhere and anytime (24 hours). Nor we provide the information before the event only but also during the event running to deliver the service efficiently. While the event is running, the audience can also search for more information on the spot to know more about what’s going on at the place and its surroundings in the event.


A successful event is how you keep your event connected to the audience. You probably don’t want your audience to miss out the great things happen in your events. So do plan well for your event, make a better decision to keep track with your audience in order to have a deep connection to your event through the Event Chatbot to make sure that they fully enjoy the day out during the event.


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