Customer service is important for any event, but answering repetitive inquiries can be distracting— especially when you are busy running the event.

Let Event Chatbot handle it (and more).

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Chatbot for events.

Automation for your events

ProBotDev Event Chatbot is a chatbot for events, from weekly Toastmasters meetings to annual tech conferences.

A chatbot is a computer program that you can chat with—like Siri or Google Assistant. By introducing some automation, you will have more time for more important matters.

Here's why your attendees will love 😍 ProBotDev Event Chatbot:

Nothing to install

Nobody wants to download an app for a single event. Wait, why does it need to access my location 24x7? 😡

Just ask

Have you tried browsing the website for information during an event? 😵 With Event Chatbot, it's just an ask away.


Your attendees do not care if you are busy chasing a speaker, they need to find the toilet fast 😆.

Event Chatbot is easy to set-up

  • No server, no coding, no conversation flow to design
  • Template-based, fill-in-the-blanks
  • Your own brand (people chat with @yourchatbot)

Your attendees can chat with your Event Chatbot using Facebook Messenger and LINE. We will support other chat apps in the near future.

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Sync with your calendar

Event Chatbot consults your Google Calendar whenever people asks about your events. No more manual entry and duplicate data.


Who are the speakers? What's the WiFi password? Fill out the template in Google Sheets and make Event Chatbot an interactive FAQ.

Two-way interaction

Not only your attendees can ask questions, you can also push them updates and ask for their feedback after each session (and at the end of event).

Widgets on your website

Let your visitors know about your Event Chatbot by embedding widgets on your website. They can even chat on the website directly.


Getting "Please PM me" comments on your Facebook Page? Automatically reply each of those comments and send them a personalized PM (private message).

Parametric QR code

Generate QR codes (with logo!) that goes to your Event Chatbot. Put them everywhere, and Event Chatbot can respond differently based on code.


Running an agency? Working with a team? Manage multiple accounts and invite others to collaborate in setting up your Event Chatbot.

Fallback to human

No chatbot can give answer to everything. Event Chatbot allows your attendees to chat with you, and take control back when you're busy.