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ProBotDev Sdn Bhd is a boutique agency specializing in web apps, native mobile apps (Android and iOS) and chatbots.

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We are the team behind Event Chatbot and Sarah Shopper, and we want to help other companies build the same quality apps.

Our forte:


Web Apps

Have you used HubSpot, Stripe or MailChimp? Notice the professional look?

Don't tarnish your brand by having a website that looks like from the 90s.

We make web apps, not "company profile" websites.

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Native Mobile Apps

Have you seen apps with off design, like a website forced into app form? That's not native.

Apps are designed for frequent usage—your users will notice the smallest details.

We focus on native because your users deserve the best experience.

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Nobody wants to download an app for a 1-day event or to receive once-a-week notifications. For these infrequent interactions, chatbots are the perfect interface.

We make chatbots that are intuitive to use, personalized with your brand's identity. Chatbots don't have to be robotic.

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Transform your business with new technologies

We help companies use technology to solve core business problems.

  • Fully-managed development service
  • Consistent delivery with our experience
  • High-quality apps

Renowned engineers

Our team has won awards for their excellence in mobile apps and chatbots, and regularly deliver HRDF-certified training.

  • Indosat Wireless Innovation Contest
  • LINE Chatbot Competition
  • AngelHack Kuala Lumpur


An on-demand service where people literally trade time with money. Users who seek companionship can connect and meet with other users who are willing to trade their time with money. "Uber for friends."

Implemented as a Facebook Messenger and LINE chatbot.


A DIY chatbot builder for events. Users connect their Google Calendar or Eventbrite account to sync their events and connect with Google Sheets and Dialogflow to enable interactive FAQ.

Implemented as a website, with generated chatbots for Facebook Messenger and LINE.


A price tracker for 11street, Lazada, Tesco, and other popular e-commerce in Malaysia. Users can also ask for shopping suggestions and receive deals. "Siri for shopping."

Implemented as a Facebook Messenger and LINE chatbot, with a background process that scrapes websites.


A help desk chatbot to help with issue tracking and creation. When added into a LINE group, it will listen to the conversations and provide helpful suggestions when anyone asks issue-related questions.

Implemented as a LINE chatbot.


An Indonesian dating app where the ladies get paid if they don't like their dates.

Implemented as an Android app and a website.


A peer-to-peer tutoring platform, where students can help other students with their studies.

Implemented as an Android app and a Facebook Messenger and LINE chatbot.


A "company profile" and product catalog website for a water filtration company.

Implemented as a static website.


A "company profile" and product catalog website for a property company.

Implemented as a static website.


A contest where participants post their photos on Instagram and tell their friends to vote for said photos in Lipice Facebook Page—after liking the Page. The photos must show a Lipice product and use specific hashtags.

Implemented as a Facebook App inside Facebook Page, with a background process that polls Instagram for specific hashtags.


Let's build your next big thing.

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